About Us
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About Us

Located at Convent Road in Dalkey, we have been at the heart of the community for over 45 years. We believe we offer children a unique early learning environment for children from 2 years and 8 months to 5 years. Our early learning ethos includes the provision of play as a fundamental element of the development of all children. Play is a very important part of children’s lives, as it gives them a chance to practice what they are learning. Many experts in childhood development believe play nurtures a love of learning and is the work of children. By our inclusion of play in our emergent and inquiry-based curriculum, we know that we offer a holistic early learning experience which allows each child to grow and develop with confidence and competence.

Our Staff

Many of our staff have been here for a number of years and are all qualified from FETAC Level 5 to BA (hons) in Early Childhood Care and Education. Our staff development program ensures that ongoing training is a feature of the success of Dalkey Community Pre-School Playgroup.


It is our belief that 100% Early Childhood Care and Education is not only about the children. It is making sure that our parents are 100% happy when they leave their children with us. We strive to develop positive relationships with parents, guardians and carers knowing that it is they who know their children best.

We encourage our parents who have the time, to become volunteers and undergo Garda Clearance as well as First Aid Training when available. An integral part of Dalkey Community Pre School Playgroup is the involvement of parents.

Our Values

The ethos of our service is very apparent to all who visit. Children, parents and staff will regard this service as an extension of the home. Creating a “home from home” environment. We believe in ensuring that children who attend this service have the opportunity to experience:


  • A stable learning and caring environment
  • Self-confidence and zest in learning
  • Sociability, friendship and co-operation with others
  • Esteem as an individual
  • Spontaneous expression
  • Respect as a unique individual with rights
  • Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race and ability.
  • Cultural diversity
  • Encouragement of the participation of parents and guardians in the operation of Dalkey Community Pre-School Playgroup


  • We are open 5 days a week from 9am – 1pm
  • We are open for 38 weeks of the year as per the National School Curriculum
  • We provide in advance the yearly calendar to all parents/ Guardians outlining term time holidays.
  • We offer ECCE and NCS.
  • We operate a daily and weekly routine for the children ensuring a broad based curriculum of learning is achieved.
  • The philosophy of an emergent and inquiry based learning ensures children are given the time and freedom to follow their own interests
  • We work with the children as co-learners and investigators, using opportunities for spontaneous learning experiences
  • In order to facilitate and extend children’s learning, we thoughtfully plan the environment, offering many visible choices, based on the children’s emerging interests.
  • We encourage children to play outside in all types of weather! Our playground is designed to allow children to explore and learn through their senses using natural materials.